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Washington County Maryland Scholarships

Hub City Raven's Roost #124 "4th and 29" Scholarship:


High School: all, Barbara Ingram School for the Arts, Boonsboro High School, Clear Spring High School, Hancock High School, nontraditional, North Hagerstown High School, Smithsburg High School, South Hagerstown High School, Washington County Technical High School, WCPS, Williamsport High School



GPA 3.0-3.6
Minimum 150 hours community service hours

In November 2012, when faced with impossible odds, the Baltimore Ravens pulled off a first down conversion on 4th and 29. This play lead to overtime and a subsequent victory over the San Diego Chargers in a storybook season for the Ravens. Although this scholarship is named for that play, it is NOT an athletic scholarship. The intent is to recognize student effort in any arena (personal, academic, music, sports, art, etc.), that has led to a brighter future.

Applicants must be graduating seniors living and attending school in Washington County, MD. Other criteria include a GPA between 3.0 and 3.6, and completion of at least 150 hours of accredited community service as defined by the Washington County Board of Education.

This is NOT an athletic scholarship, and is meant to recognize student's accomplishment(s) in all areas.

*This website is provided as a service to students in Washington County, Maryland. Every effort is made to provide current information. Further research by the student may be necessary.

Increasing awareness of scholarship availability for local students.